Why did I choose to be an EXPAT BUSINESS COACH?

Why I become a mindset life coach? I was a golf coach previously with my business really taking off and I have a great client based where loads of newbie wants to learn golf but COVID and lock-down has crippled the business where the uncertainly means scaling my business isn’t feasible anymore.

But why golf to an expat business coach? Believe it or not, golf has a lot of mindset aspects of it, and as it’s 25% physical game/learning and 75% mental understanding and connecting to the sport/game. I believe the harvest of mindset coaching has always been with my golf coaching which I did accidentally where my clients understand and get my coaching method. With the business not been able to survive long terms although I enjoyed it, made a lot of money but it’s not sustainable enough. I want to work only for the next 5 years and retire immediately. So pivoting to what I do now is the best way to achieve that.

Have you pivot your business or thought about doing something new or different because of COVID business or not? Do share below.