This is the London eye when we were there visiting in 2018 for hubby’s family back in England. It has been so long since we are back in England as we have lived in New Zealand for so long (15 years to be precise) One thing I noticed is how many people are there in London itself compare to New Zealand as in whole (we only have a population of 5 mils and London have at least 8 mils!) My daughter isn’t adjusted enough to the crowd and it’s such a different feeling being out and about. I guess wherever you go, visit, live, travel or holiday has taught you something new or different or appreciate of what you got, etc. I also lived in many other remote places, countries, poor and deprived areas and some are modern, top of economic chain and infrastructure. They all bring something to the experience that I cannot replicate or learn elsewhere. I cherish every experience and knowledge as it does shape who I am today.

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