Life is so precious and I believe we should do what we love. I am a born Malaysia, we don’t see snow much being Asian living in southeast Asia but with my traveling background being an expats and getting to see the world whilst living, working, traveling or moving around and sometimes holiday, I embraced anything new that I can get hands-on.

I tried snowboarding at my late 30s and love it. Although I didn’t know how to ski but I decided snowboarding is cooler than skiing. They said it’s harder to learn if you don’t ski first but I think till you try, it’s hard to measure what you can and you can’t. So I did.

Pretty much in my life, I always go for what I want, either I fail or succeed. I am not scared of trying. I think I will feel scared to admit to anyone one day I regret not trying.

What have you done that you push your boundaries and discover something amazing at the other side of something new? Share below as I would love to hear.