Start a Nomad Business whilst Living Abroad


I am Nora Baldwin, owner of UnlockU Expat Business Coaching

Hi, I’m Nora Baldwin and for the past 27 years I have lived in over a dozen countries, in 4 different continents, speaks 7 languages, bought 3 houses in Spain, England, New Zealand and 2-acre land in Nova Scotia while running my own expat business and made our first million at 40, debt free and mortgage free at my 30.  

Expat in general, especially expat’s wives/partners or solo nomad have difficulty creating their own identity, becoming financially savvy and mentally fit when it comes to living abroad as they spend most of their time living the expats living accompanying their partner working or for solo nomad, they can be too busy servicing their professional contracts abroad. They can also be easily lost in the world of the constant moving and the unknown of where the next locations are going to be. Their dependency on their husband/partner can affects their financial stability and when a personal tragedy strikes (be it broken marriage, repatriation, or becoming a widow to name a few) they find it hard to start over again, have a massive gap in their CV or not been able to start again, or able to raise their family with very little skills and understanding about financial stability or emotional freedom.

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I am Malaysian born and have travelled around the world since I was 19. I met my English husband of 25 years while I was travelling and naturalised as British.

I have lived as an expat and migrant for more than 2 decades including in Hong Kong, India, Belgium, Malawi, Lesotho, Jamaica, Dubai, Spain, England and now New Zealand for the past 25 years. The experience of living in some of the most remote and poorest places in the world (India, Malawi, Lesotho) to the most modern and wealthiest countries in the world (Dubai, Hong Kong, Belgium, England) has taught me so much resilience, empathy, compassion and understanding of multiple cultures. Some of my earliest learnings were about human behaviours and exposure to happiness being a state of mind. I believe wherever I go and live today if my mindset is right, the place is just another country, and my happiness is within. These experiences for the past 25 years have now lead me to my path today as an Expat Business Coach.

I also speak 7 languages from being Malaysian born coupled with my travel experiences. Learning new languages during my travel and living in these countries has helped me connect, network and form friends globally.

My mission is to give my personal insight and assistance with the NEED TO CHANGE this mindset and leverage our experience abroad, as a lot can be learnt while enjoying the lifestyle. With this current climate we are facing in this world, instability can strike anytime when great things could be taken away from us without warning and with no backup skills or knowledge to cope with any ‘WHAT IF’ coming your way. The uncertainty, more than ever with COVID pandemic we are facing currently in this world.  

I am here to help you become financially independent and emotionally intelligent, being your best without losing your identity in the process. I will coach and guide you step-by-step through my programs from finding out what your potential business is, to DO IT FOR YOU programs that can followed from setting up, understanding your genius zone, your client avatar, learning how to market yourself just by being your authentic self and sharing your story about your passion and your business. My coaching will include the right living and business mindset, the rewarding attitude of being an entrepreneur, and how to navigate these combinations through cultural and social differences abroad.   

My coaching will include how to have a mindset of an entrepreneur rather than just a business owner, how to work fewer hours a day, few days a week, act and think like a CEO, how to start a business with no money where you can make it work everywhere you live in the world with no physical office and physical staff working for you (just virtual teams to assist you if needed)!  

Does this sound like you? Are you ready to make a difference for yourself, your future and make something lucrative from your skills, passion, hobbies, or anything that you are excited about?  Book an appointment with me and Let’s Chat!