How UnlockU Expat Business Coaching Works

Everyone faces their own challenges so every coaching package is tailored to address specific needs. Schedule an obligation free call, to see if I am the right person to help you do it.

Sessions can be booked  with appointments online at a time that suits you

Business experiences, NLP and my other accreditations allows us to work in a proven and effective way. The process follows these steps:


Get your inner game right

Before you can recognise what you can achieve with your new or existing business, you first need to believe that you can achieve it. With my business coaching help, you will develop the right business mindset, gaining the mental and emotional skills necessary to be your own CEO for your new or current venture. Remember, business is not for everyone especially if you don’t have the right mindset for it. Just like a life journey, if you have the wrong mindset, your journey in life will not be successful.


Develop your vision & strategy

No matter how great the business concept you have in front of you, not all business concepts can work for everyone, especially being a nomad. I will help you assess your suitable business profile and assure it fits with your genius zone, audience, mobility to move with you from one place to another and sustainability to get you to your vision. Remember, planting the seed and nurturing the business are the way to go to make it successful.


Take action

They say being in business can be a lonely place, imagine being away from family and friends abroad itself can be mentally and physically challenging which can result to be overwhelming. I will help you overcome the non-productive mindset, put-off procrastination and take regular action to create sustainable momentum that gives you the full financial and emotional freedom that you crave for.


Continuous Support

My team and I will provide ongoing support for the programme in the mindset perspective, business skills and accountability aspect of it. To desire something that can give you more time, life, financial and emotional freedom is not a straight road. Many adversities, doubts, challenging thoughts, and feelings can creep in halting your great progress and stopping you from getting closer to your ultimate dreams. We have alternate support within our programme to cover all these important matters that can encourage you to get to the end line and live the life that you can have. Resilience will get you to the end line and you will learn and adapt so many skills that you can be resourceful to yourself and your business!