How Can I Help You?

How can I help you with your mindset or living abroad and starting something lucrative for your own whilst travelling and moving around?

I do workshops for mindset growth and resilience of the unknown living abroad to cope with the feeling of belonging, loss of identity and also creating something meaningful from years of travelling and living either in self-discovery or embarking on the experiences you have over the years being ex-pats or nomads.

I also coach my clients to not just be happy living everywhere and making the most of it but find ways to be an entrepreneur and leverage your entrepreneur’s opportunities while being abroad. Do something meaningful, make something great that you can retire in 5 to 10 years. After all the beauty of travelling is addictive and we want to maintain that lifestyle without feeling we need to stretch ourselves too much financially, time-wise and also our family commitment.

There’s time and place but why would you want to work till your retirement life when you can shorten it, do it globally and still have plenty of time with your family?

There’s a way and method to start and then scale it. I’ve done it. I am a millionaire at the age of 40. My husband and I have a company worth millions. How can this Malay girl that has no dreamland do all of this?

Reach out to me with a quick call or message to find out more if you can work with me.