Build your own nomad business with your current skills or passion.

          Are you an expat who wants to build a business but indecisive because of constant moving and the unknown of the next location? Do you want to create your own identity abroad and have a sustainable stream of income to gain and depend on in the future? Do you also aspire to learn new skills and make use of your time abroad for something you can fall back to in the future? Or run your own business like a digital nomad and wonder how you can make it work with the constant changes of locations? Then you are in the right place because that’s exactly what you will accomplish here!

          I am here to walk the journey with you, be it the emotional challenges of living abroad, the practical understanding of being an expat, and the opportunity that you can explore to create something meaningful and lucrative that can follow you wherever you go to suit your lifestyle. 

        I have various programmes specialised for expats, nomads, travellers, or anyone that constantly moving and living from one country to another for whatever reason by navigating them to the process, leading you to business mapping, through our step-by-step guidance from finding the perfect skills and services that you can offer, to connecting your business to the perfect market and nurturing your business organically for just being you! The best thing about this is, we will set up a business that you can manage anywhere, thus eliminating your worries about moving constantly, country-to-country.

        I understand your worries, especially questions like, ‘when is a good time to start a business, how can I do this in a place that is not even my comfort zone?’ Right now, you might be thinking, ‘building a business eats a lot of time and it might impact my time taking care of family, or disrupting my travelling, time I want to spend exploring the new country I am in or current contracts I am working for?

          I hear you. Brush those thoughts away because here, my business coaching will give you various strategic methods in running your business that will allow you to only do a few hours a day. Not only that, but we will also work on your mind, body, and soul by teaching you the right business mindset, the right attitude in dealing with different cultures, languages, social and business behaviours, the dos and the don’ts, and the right focus to reach your lifestyle and business goals. 

         Are you excited about this new journey? My business coaching not only will give you many insights on how to be self-sufficient abroad, but we will also make you a resilient expat who is bold enough to use the expats common struggles, issues, and knowledge living abroad to something meaningful and lucrative for your future ahead.  

         Now, what are you waiting for? If this sounds like you, the waiting and wondering games are over! This is the time to thrive and utilize the time to create some opportunity and look at nurturing the new skills to something that you can monetize whilst living as an expat abroad. I am the living and breathing of successful examples, so I know how and why it will work. If I can do this, anyone can. Imagine all you need is that start and that exploration, and the possibilities can be endless. Start today and take that leap of faith!  

Book an appointment with me NOW and let’s discuss the potential opportunities that you can create TODAY!   

Welcome to UnlockU!

Expat Business Coaching by Nora Baldwin

We seldom come across where most expats abroad:
• Feeling lost and struggling to retain their identity in the foreign country
• Don’t have backup plans if things changed unexpectedly (illness, death, sudden moving back home)
• Found yourself lost again when you become repatriate with no skill or big gap on your CV
• Unhappy with your lifestyle abroad but stay with it thinking there’s a better thing coming on the next country you’re moving to
• Unsure if starting a business abroad can be implemented and sustained with constant travel as the main income or side income
If you are one of the expats somewhere around the world currently, does this sound familiar to you?
Nothing is off-limits. I am here to support you with your new journey. Life can be challenging sometimes and can overwhelm other parts of your journey. I want to help your doubts and uncertainty to make those changes and address the challenges you are facing in your nomad life.
Remember, Your Only Limit Is Your Mind!

How I Can Help

Every coaching package is tailored to your needs, but usually the process follows these steps:


Get your inner game right

Before you can recognise what you can achieve with your new or existing business, you first need to believe that you can achieve it. With my business coaching help, you will develop the mindset, gaining the mental and emotional skills necessary to be your own CEO for your new or current venture. Remember, business is not for everyone especially if you don’t have the right mindset for it. Just like a life journey, if you have the wrong business mindset, your journey in life will not be successful.


Develop your vision & strategy

No matter how great the business concept you have in front of you, not all business concepts can work for everyone, especially being a nomad. I will help you assess your suitable business profile and assure it fits with your genius zone, audience, mobility to move with you from one place to another and sustainability to get you to your vision. Remember, planting the seed and nurturing the business are the way to go to make it successful.


Take action

They say being in business can be a lonely place, imagine being away from family and friends abroad itself can be mentally and physically challenging which can result to be overwhelming. I will help you overcome the non-productive mindset, put-off procrastination and take regular action to create sustainable momentum that gives you the full financial and emotional freedom that you crave for.


Continuous Support

My team and I will provide ongoing support for the programme in the mindset perspective, business skills and accountability aspect of it. To desire something that can give you more time, life, financial and emotional freedom is not a straight road. Many adversities, doubts, challenging thoughts, and feelings can creep in halting your great progress and stopping you from getting closer to your ultimate dreams. We have alternate support within our programme to cover all these important matters that can encourage you to get to the end line and live the life that you can have. Resilience will get you to the end line and you will learn and adapt so many skills that you can be resourceful to yourself and your business!

Are you ready to take action?

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